We offer analytical, critical and hands-on products and services audit, design and optimisation.

Our customers come to us for intelligent, sustainable, tangible solutions and results that are honest and accurate.

At corementis we provide just that.

We have a “hands-on” approach to address our customers needs. And we help transform raw information and unstructured requirements in to “easy to understand” and manageable analytics, product and design specifications that help projects, teams and organisation building and transforming their businesses.

We offer short- and long term engagements via, 

  • One-on-one phone consultations
  • One-on-one Meetings 
  • Roundtables and workshops
  • Remote or on-site meetings
  • Strategic projects partnerships  
  • Survey and audits
  • Executives and senior consultant placements 

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We are a hands on organisation and are just a dial tone or an email away, Send us your details and queries and we will call you back at the earliest possible.

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