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We are growing and we are always interested in talented, self-confident and self-motivated partners to make us extra ordinary.
We are always interested in individuals, not afraid or easily frustrated over the unknown.
We believe in an open, culturally diverse and flexible working environment.
We value, Honesty, Dependability, Truthfulness and Good design.



Do you have the same beliefs and values?

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This is why you are here. Remember,
our role is to bring order to the galaxy!



Our mission is to deliver sane, honest and dependable solutions, products and services with good design, beautiful experience and truth at the core.
With that in mind we set out on a new journey to help mentoring companies, projects and people, making better, products services and sane decisions.


Talent acquisition at corementis is straightforward.
We are growing and we are always interested in talented individuals to make us extra ordinary.
We have a flat organisation and there is not much red-tapes. In short, you would be speaking directly to either Stefan or Amir.
If we have a project and your experience matches our needs, we’ll reach out to schedule a conversation.
Our CV selection and interview process is where you need to shine. We count on you to show and tell us why and how you became a Wizard or a Jedi.
During interviews we observer your responses and more importantly we analyse your questions. Yes. Your questions. Come prepared.




Welcome to our sales mission. Understand our customers, react to their needs. Listen to their situation.


Innovation & Inspiration beyond boundaries. Step out of the box, go beyond and challange the unknown.


Take it to another level. Do not just define goals, reach them. Embrace change if needed. Open your eyes, do not wander blindly.


"The most effective way to do it is to do it."

- Amelia Earhart

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